Rescue animals are not ‘free’

All our pets are rescues, I firmly believe that it is better to save a rescue pet rather than buying an animal from a pet store or a ‘puppy mill’, one thing that might be a misconception is that it is cheaper option.

Free pets are not cheap.

I have been reminded about this truth again this week. My little rescue kitten is sick and she is at the vet, and I realize that this will be costly. No matter what the cost, I will do this all again. I will go back into the field where we heard a small kitten meow for a mother that has died. I will take that horrible bite she used to greet me the first time we met. I will enjoy every day she jumps on my desk and lays down on my laptop and makes it difficult for me to work. I would love the opportunity to play with her at any time she wants. Just if she can get better.


The problem is that Milly’s mom was a feral cat, and in the area that we live there are a lot of feral cats that have feline aids. We always assumed that she might have it. You can have your cat tested for feline aids, and now that I have found a great vet I know that this is not a death sentence. Even though feline aids cannot be cured, they can receive medication to keep them a bit stronger. If you have a rescue or there are feral cats in your area, I suggest you find out more about feline aids and then maybe get your cat tested.

Now, in Milly’s case she does not only have feline aids, she now also has Lyme disease. Unfortunately, we live in a rural area where ticks and fleas are a constant. We try to keep our pets clean and protected from ticks and fleas as far as possible but not all products are made equal and buying the correct products are costly. (again not free)


Again, coming to the point that I want to make.

Please, please, please be prepared, do your research and budget appropriately before ‘saving’ that kitten or puppy. This live becomes your responsibility the moment you take it in to your home. They need a lot of love and care, but they also need more than that. They need medical attention at times, they need to be dewormed, vaccinated, neutered and at times medicated. Above this they need food (not cheap, and cats are picky eaters) they will need bowls, toys, and other odds and ends. All of this have costs involved – sometimes expensive.

So, make sure you know what goes into rescuing a pet before committing for life. – Yes, it is a life long commitment. Not temporarily while you are alone, or for a Christmas, or a birthday, or until you move. This YOUR pet now and they are dependent on you for a good life.


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