You can quote me

About three or four years into using Facebook I noticed that you could actually ‘like’ your own status. I am not sure if this was always possible and if it came with one of the upgrades, either way. The first thing I thought of was that this is the epitome of narcissism. Who would want to like their own status and why in the world is it even possible?

Things were only going to get worse.

I am not sure who you have on your newsfeed, but lately I have seen people quoting themselves.

I understand that in a very cut-throat world of all things digital people want to make their mark and anyone can share your image, words, songs, videos and then your hard work means nothing. Not even internet fame. If you don’t mark your work then you will get lost in all the content that we fill our lives with. So, I do understand that we like to leave a calling card of sorts. An at sign (@) a username, a page name, your persona or the name of your blog. But this is not what I am talking about.

The first time I saw this was in a comment section of a status – some wise word, words of advice by none other than the individual who posted it. Why, why in the world would you feel the need to quote yourself and put your name at the end of the sentence you just wrote, with inverted commas and everything, like you are a long-forgotten philosopher or an individual who we all look up to and use your name in conversations daily.

We all know you gave this advice, Facebook has kindly provided me with your name, surname and a profile pic of the author of these words. These words that have made an extraordinary impact in my life and has made me richer for reading this morsel of wisdom I could never live without.


I was hoping this was a once off, I was hoping and praying that this was an inside joke and somehow, I could giggle along and that this person would never think so highly of himself.

I was wrong once again – this was a new trend, or at least one that I am only getting to see now.

Next was a Facebook friend who quoted himself on his status. A very nice one with a status background (or whatever Facebook calls it), with colors to make an even bigger impact so that there was no way I could miss it. He too decided that he needed to note his own name and make sure that no-one makes the mistake of giving anyone else the merits for these profound words.


If that was not enough it spread to Instagram as well…

Who doesn’t like those inspirational quotes, those amazing pearls of wisdom, those great words that give us moments of motivations and helps us to go on with our dull lives. Especially when they are decorated with perfect wonderful and amazing frames, backgrounds and images that emphasize the miraculous wisdom someone shared at some time.

And again, why do you need to ruin it by posting your name there in this fashion. Why do you think you are in the same line as Nelson Mandela, Paulo Coelho, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King Jr., Socrates, or Mark Twain?

Please note this what not a watermark, this was not a tag to let people know that they can follow this username for more of the same kind of content this was a distinct quote.

“Hopefully silly trends die out as quickly as they start. Hopefully there is still some hope for the human race.

  • Siske van Niekerk.


Maybe I am just surrounded by narcissists who like blowing their own horn. Hopefully this is only the people I know and not a thing that everyone does.

Have you seen something similar? If so leave a comment, let me know if you think it is important to leave your mark in the world and if the style makes a difference.


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