The risky business of being unemployed


A little while ago I wrote a post on being unemployed and how I have been treated in interviews. I decided not to post this article as I knew it was filled with potential to damage me or my future endeavours.

I was kind of shocked and surprised to see that a woman went all out in her post (on a well known free classifieds site) about more or less the same thing I wrote about a while back. Shocked because she had the guts, but not surprised that she feels the way she does. Before I go further here are a few screenshots I took of her post.



I have tried to leave out any way of identifying her since I know this was probably not the smartest thing to do. (Even though I am kind of glad she did)

I assume that most people have been there at one stage or another in their life. Where you send out CVs to as many possible job offerings as you can and hope you get an interview.

The process can be so discouraging.

She is battling to find work, like so many others in South Africa. No matter what your field of work, age or sex it seems to be the same for most job seekers.

What to do when you just do not seem to be getting anywhere in your job search? There is the post above and then there are the ‘begging-for-work’ posts. Some have gone viral and actually had a positive result for the ones who literarily go out and look for a job. The first one I saw was about two years ago and got quite a bit of coverage in local newspapers and other websites. Here is a picture of the most recent one making its way to my Facebook news feed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.16.51 PM

Two different approaches to the same problem. One using Social Media in a positive way and the other with the possibility of a great negative impact on your job search. I just hope that the first add goes unnoticed. As Spiderman, knows ‘great power comes with great responsibility’. This also rings true when it comes to using social media or any other online platform.

Somehow it does lift your spirit (a bit) to know that you are not alone in your struggle, but what are we to do? Should we all take our boards to the street and ask for jobs in our respective fields? Should we milk the general public for as much empathy as we can possibly get? Usually, the writing process leaves me with some sort of answer. With this particular problem, I am still waiting.

It sucks, looking for work sucks. Being rejected sucks.

So to all those out there who are going through this, good luck. Do as much research as possible about CV writing and how to nail that interview, and if you have an answer on how to land your ideal job please share it in the comment section, maybe we can all help one another.



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