This is not background music


This Sunday on The Voice I came across one of these songs again. A favourite that has been tweaked. I am not fond of remakes but some people just have a way of taking something we have grown used to and renew it. So that we can listen and not just hear it (again, as if for the first time).

When I saw Richard on The Voice the first time I was less than impressed with his attitude, he seemed very full of himself and in his pre-interview (before his blind audition). I was sure that I am just not going to like this guy. Just because.

I quickly swallowed my words after hearing one of my favourite listen-not-hear songs. He was amazing. The song was amazing, and thanks to DSTV I could rewind it and play it over and over again. Bon Iver’s Skinny Love has always been one of these songs that kind of paralyses me and can not do much until I give it the attention it deserves. Richard took this to the next level with his rendition.

I was so amazed by his rendition that I even tweeted about it, and I don’t tweet often.

I don’t have DSTV, so I only watch it when I visit friends who do. This Sunday Richard blew me away again with his version of Sound of Silence. On this gray Monday, I am listening to the song again and I am battling to do anything worthwhile, this includes writing this post.

This song grabs you, you have to leave everything that you are doing and pay attention to the message it has to offer. (For me) This does not happen often but when a song and a singer like this comes along you are grateful for these few minutes that you can break away from the mundane and just be.



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