The great trek on the N1 

So many ‘Vaalies’ make this journey every December. For me this was a journey to my new home in the Western Cape.

Thanks to an awesome friend the kilometers flew by. We started of early on the 28th of April. In a car that is even older than I am, but we had no worries or hesitations. This Opel Kadet has done this trip before; we didn’t have a problems then so why would we have any now? I was a responsible adult and checked everything before we attempted this long drive so I was confident that my amazing car would get us there.

"Let's go get lost let's go get lost" – RHCP

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Some of the ‘perks’ of driving with a car this old is that we didn’t have an aircon or working radio but who cares if you are two women with a lot to catching up to do? Janine is an amazing friend that she would do this for me; I mean can you imagine my pitch? No aircon, no radio, old car, but you will be able to see the ocean for a few days? Not many people would do this. This I know for a fact since I had conversations with a few friends about this trip, no one jumped at the opportunity.


#day2 of our epic #roadtrip

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We were very responsible: every 200 km’s or so we stopped for our coffee fix and off we went again. Janine’s addiction to coffee is worse than mine. I am also proud to say that I didn’t take too many naps while Janine was driving (which was most of the way).


Third #coffeebreak

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When it was my turn to take the wheel Janine got extremely bored, I knew this because she  was trying to entertain me, while I was trying to concentrating on the road.

I hate driving! And I would not have been able to do this trip without a friend to keep me company and help with the driving.


#entertaining yourself in the car 101. Take lots of #selfies 😄

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We slept over in Beauford West and took on the last 500km or so to the small fisherman’s village after an amazing night’s rest.


Kfc, wifi, dstv, a beautiful bath, crisp white linen… all our needs covered at the end of the great trek.

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The last 200km were probably the hardest just because we knew we were so close. I only made one wrong turn, that was probably my fault. I really wanted to blame the GPS for this mistake but never the less we made it!

I am here!

This is home now.


End destination.

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Janine stayed on a few days to make the whole trip worth while. This is also the reason that I am only writing now. We had a lot of fun exploring the Western Cape and some of what it has to offer. I hope that it was just enough fun to encourage Janine to come and visit as often as possible. There is still a lot to see and I would love to have more adventures with Janine.


#fragrant #chickentikkamasala to fight off the #chilly weather #butternaan #spicyfood #yummyness #indiancuisine #curry

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My brief #lunchdate with a #giraffe at a #pettingzoo … #giraffewhisperer #nailedit 😄😄😄

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@your_nienness was nie impressed met die voeltjie nie, maar hy het baie van Janine gehou

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Baymax saying hi

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First coffee break

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